Frequently Asked Questions

Essential information

This section summarizes information on other pages and answers some of the questions I am most frequently asked.

When are you available for physics tutorials?

My teaching schedule broadly mirrors most state schools’ term and holiday dates, although I also usually have some availability during half-term holidays and around Easter.

How long does each tutorial last for?

In principle, tutorials of any duration can be booked, but about an hour seems to be the optimum time and generally works best all round. (Half an hour is really too short to achieve anything meaningful; much more than 1½ hours and I find students’ concentration starts to wane!).

Does a parent need to be present during tutorials?

At least for the first one or two tutorials, a parent or responsible adult should be at home during the tutorial please.

Where do the tutorials take place?

You need the right environment for an effective tutorial, so a quiet study area is essential.
It’s always helpful if the student has books, notes and any other equipment (e.g. calculator, ruler, etc.) ready for the start of the tutorial!

Do you only teach A/AS level physics?

In the past I have taught students aged 10 years and upwards, across the full range of science subjects. Nowadays I only teach A level physics.

I am following a course of self-study, can you help?

As for all science subjects, practical work is an important part of learning and understanding physics. My tuition is most suitable for students who are already following a structured course in school or sixth form college, and who are thus able to access such complementary laboratory–based experiments.

Can you guarantee that I’ll get the grade I need?

Unfortunately I can’t make any promises about the final outcome (e.g. the student’s eventual exam grade).

What if I need to change something?

Please try to give as much notice as possible for cancellations.
I try to keep things fairly informal – you can cease further sessions at any time. Good communication is vital – please do keep me informed of your requirements and preferences.

How much do you charge?

For online physics tuition (using Skype, Zoom and other online tools), tutorials are available at rates similar to those of other leading UK and London-based tutors. (Payment is by invoice, e-mailed at the end of each calendar month).

Please contact me for more information!