Who and how I can help

Who & how I can help

Who can I help and how?

The number of students taking physics A level has dramatically increased in recent years, in no small part thanks to the profile of celebrity physicist Professor Brian Cox and his excellent television documentaries popularising the subject. Despite this resurgence however, many schools still find it difficult to recruit suitably qualified physics teachers.

Students come to me for many different reasons: for example, some may just want a bit of extra support whilst studying at school or college, or help with revision in the run-up to exams. Some students might be anxious to get the grades they need for a place at university, whilst others might be re-sitting their A level physics to achieve a higher grade.

All the exam boards offer distinctive A level syllabuses for physics; whilst they each have their own idiosyncracies, the core components are essentially the same. The principal differences lie in the various ‘non-core’ topics available (e.g. astrophysics, materials science, digital technology, medical physics, etc.), the methods of assessment (e.g. the style and format of the exams), and the extent to which the applications of physics are emphasised in each course.

As a physics specialist who taught in schools for several years I am experienced in preparing students for these exams. Physics has a reputation for being a tough subject and certainly it is no soft option, but with the right help students can enjoy the subject and should achieve results that are commensurate with their overall ability.

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