How online tuition works

How does online tuition work?


Basic requirements are a good, reliable and reasonably fast broadband connection, plus a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam, a microphone and preferably a mouse.

skype logoBefore we can start tutorials you must also have Skype set up on your machine. (Skype is free to install and use).

I use a web-based ‘collaborative whiteboard application’ as my principal teaching forum (in layman’s terms this is a screen-sharing tool designed specifically for online tuition, and because it is web-based there is no software to install); I can share my screen with the student and we can both can draw and write together at the same time, each seeing what the other is doing.

In this way it is possible to share worksheets and exam questions, and for my student to respond live on the screen (just as effectively as using pen and paper together in the same room!), thus benefitting from a proper interactive tutorial.

And, all at the same time, we can talk live, face-to-face, via a Skype video link!
On top of that, students can access the online tutorial platform at any time to review the work completed, attempt ‘homework’ exercises, and even to download and print the material covered – it really does offer all of the benefits of traditional tutorials and much more besides!

screenshot of the online tutorial interface

“Using Skype to bring Paul’s skills direct to our son’s place of study made the tutorials so convenient and he found it a really easy way to work – thank you, Paul!”
— Mrs W. (Bedfordshire)

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