Physics Tuition

How I work

Since the beginning of 2012, my principal mode of delivering tutorials has been online. In the past couple of years, improvements in internet performance, greater connectivity and the development of better screen sharing tools and web-based collaborative-working applications has created brilliant new opportunities for remote working – online tutorials are at last able to fulfil their potential.

This brings many benefits both for me and for my tutees; online tuition means that I can now provide physics tutorials to students right across England and Wales, whereas I was once confined by practicalities of distance to my local area. Instead of having to print out numerous sheets of paper resources to take with me, my students can now have the full range of my teaching materials available electronically.

Students whose parents may have previously struggled to find a suitable physics tutor in their local area, can now benefit by receiving top-quality physics tuition from a qualified and experienced physics teacher, regardless of their location!

I would like to reassure you that online tutorials with me are a straightforward, sound and effective method of teaching and learning. I would strongly urge anyone who is unsure about online tutorials vs ‘in person’ tuition to get in touch for an informal chat; it has been my experience that everyone who has tried them has liked them!

I am always happy to have a short practice session for no charge, before commencing with any paid tutorials (indeed I encourage all prospective students to have such a preliminary session).

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