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by Bart van Es on
Perfect Tutor
Location: Oxford

We were so lucky to find Paul for our son Edgar. In just a small number of tutorials, he focused him in an entirely new way on the exam. It was a joy to see not just how well Edgar ended up doing, but also how much more he got to love Physics. We recommend Paul unreservedly.

by Eva Dawson on
I don't think you could find a better physics teacher out there!
Location: Chester

Paul's teaching not only enabled me to massively improve in Physics, but also gave me the confidence in myself that I needed to achieve my potential. I often "blanked out" in exams and tests on simple questions, but this new confidence allowed me to focus and think clearly. I was awarded an A* in Physics which I owe to a great extent to Paul's tutoring. I honestly don't think you could find a better physics teacher out there!

by Sara on
Lockdown physics
Location: Hitchin, Herts

My son had begun lessons with Paul a few months before lockdown to boost his knowledge. These weekly sessions kept him sane during lockdown after all lessons disappeared and then the exams cancelled (so no chance to see the difference in his final grade). He found them so helpful and confidence boosting that he is having a few more before he's off to University to study astrophysics to get his degree off to a good start. I can definitely recommend Paul.

by Thomas pickering on
The man, the myth, the legend
Location: Leighton Buzzard

I wish I had been taught by Paul at school. His passion for physics is really infectious and he makes even mundane topics fun to revise. He has a deep knowledge of physics so can answer any question you throw at him. His approach is thorough, systematic and unfailingly supportive. I consider that I was very lucky to find him and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a top notch physics tutor.

by Rebecca Clothier on
Location: Hampshire

Paul has been a fantastic tutor to my son. He has really helped him develop his understanding of the subject and gain confidence, particularly in answering A level exam questions. Above all my son has really enjoyed the learning experience with Paul - he was always engaging and motivating and was able to explain things in a really clear way. My son really enjoyed working with him. Paul has always been extremely professional and organised and we have been really delighted to find such a professional and first rate tutor - it is always a bit of a lottery when you pick someone without knowing them personally, but we feel we struck really lucky. Paul is highly experienced, a first-rate tutor and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to others.

by Claire on
Excellent physics tutor - highly recommend
Location: Surrey

My daughter started her tutoring sessions at the end of 2019 when she lost some confidence in her physics understanding. She came out of her first tutorial with a big smile saying how good a teacher Paul is and she has not looked back. His online teaching method is very clear to follow; he allowed my daughter to choose which topics she wanted to cover first and he came to every tutorial with engaging explanations but also ensured she was answering exam style questions each week. He was incredibly supportive at all times and really makes sure that he understands what support each individual student requires. I am so, so glad we found Paul online, my daughter has regained the belief that she can achieve the grades she needs for University and we totally have Paul to thank for that. Cannot recommend Paul enough!

by Diana on
Couldn't recommend a better Physics tutor
Location: London

Paul has helped me tremendously throughout this year. He's not only helped me find real joy and enthusiasm for Physics, but has also helped build up my confidence in the subject, which I believe is extremely important.

Paul never fails to come to lessons fully prepared with a wide selection of questions to cover during the lesson. He also always provides great extra resources and really challenging questions that he has put together himself, in files organised by topics. If it wasn’t for Paul I wouldn’t have been able to find all these excellent questions which have helped with my understanding and exam technique extraordinarily. The online interface Paul uses is also very easy to navigate and provides a great platform for annotations and diagrams.

His way of teaching has never been monotonous, but rather engaging and interactive, he always tries to get you involved, rather than have you sitting back and simply listening to theory. Paul is also the type of tutor who will go beyond the restrictive syllabus, when needed, to help you gain a far better and deeper understanding of the physics, which is exceedingly useful. Moreover, because of Paul’s background as a Physics examiner, it means he knows exactly what the examiners are looking for in your answers and so is able to confidently tailor your understanding and written communication towards that, which is a skill you won’t be able to find in many other tutors.

Paul is not only just a superb Physics tutor, but is also very supportive and encouraging. He also pays full attention to what different students require for their learning which is very important. Truly couldn’t recommend a better Physics tutor!

by Sruthi on
Location: Berkshire

Paul has been an amazing physics tutor and I would highly recommend him! Undertaking online tutorials has truly helped to build my understanding of many of the more complex concepts in A level Physics, and has also enabled me to improve my exam technique through the huge range of questions that I was able to tackle with Paul’s support. In addition to this, I feel that Paul’s constant encouragement as well as his reassuring and patient approach has increased my levels of confidence and has made learning Physics so much more enjoyable.
Thank you, Paul, for all your support over the past year!

by Raj on
Really wonderful and professional Physics Tutor
Location: Essex

Paul is a really wonderful Physics tutor and we would highly recommend him. He is meticulous, highly structured, very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to answer questions to gain full score in exams. He is methodical in setting homework, marks them and gives feedback too. We really liked his professional approach. We are very grateful to Paul for all his support in helping our ward on A level physics.

by irene on
Location: London

Paul has made such a huge difference to our child's confidence and approach to Physics A Level. Paul is calm, and reassuring and has such an organised and methodical approach to the subject. It was so easy to work with him from both my point of view regarding communication, but also from our child's point of view regarding the actual online tutorials (which worked brilliantly).
But Paul offered so much more than the teaching of the subject. He was sensitive to the anxieties that arise during year 13 and helped our child stay focussed on the task at hand when it all got a bit much. All of his efforts are are so very much appreciated by us all. I would highly recommend Paul and can't thank him enough for his help this year.

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