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by Neggi K. on
Highly recommended!
Location: Sweden

Having moved to Sweden, I had to do a physics qualification in order to apply to dentistry here. Paul was already somewhat ‘famous’ in our household for having guided guided my younger brother, extremely successfully, through A level physics so I didn’t hesitate to contact him.

Although the Swedish physics course differs to the English, Paul took me through each concept thoroughly and ensured my knowledge could be applied to his vast array of questions. He was not intimidated by a different syllabus and my confidence built with every lesson.

Paul was always accommodating with times and never hesitated to help outside of ‘planned lesson time’ whether that was via email or a quick Skype call to ensure I’ve understood; a token to his friendly and committed personality! Paul’s teaching experience, his access to an infinite amount of exam-style questions, and his personable nature stands anybody in great stead to attain the grade they need.

In brief, I highly recommend Paul to any of you who need that extra support.

by Freya on
Brilliant tutor!
Location: London

Paul was so friendly and had a great teaching style that really helped me gain a deeper understanding. He was also really supportive in the final run up to exams and had so much faith! With his support and help I am going off to study medicine! Thank you so much.

by Jennie on
Excellent tutor
Location: St Albans

Paul is an excellent tutor and has helped my son achieve the high grade he needed to go on to study Physics at university. Paul's tutorials were always geared towards my son's needs and really helped his comprehension of the subject and in particular his exam technique. Paul was very accommodating of my son's irregular timetable, doing his best to fit in tutorials around this. It was a real bonus having a tutor who specialised in A level physics and was very familiar with the specification. We would wholeheartedly recommend Paul.

by James C. on
Excellent teacher!

Paul maintains a professional yet friendly approach to his tutoring, that makes him an excellent teacher. His expansive knowledge of Physics, and the A-Level course exceeds that of most, if not all, A-Level teachers. You will doubtless find him capable to help you in the best possible way for your learning style. I would not have achieved A*AA without him!

by Adam Tice on
Highly recommend, Got an A*!
Location: Derby

Paul was a great tutor and really helped me with areas that I was struggling to understand at school. It didn’t take me a huge amount of tutorials to go from really struggling with a topic to being able to understand what exams questions were asking and be able to break them down and answer how the exam board wanted. He managed to cover topics in more depth and simplicity than my teachers had gone into, which eventually allowed me to secure an A* grade, higher than my target. Would highly recommend!

by Mark Leyden on
Helped me get into Cambridge!
Location: Daventry, Northamptonshire

Paul has been a great tutor and helped me enjoy and understand my A level Physics course when my teachers at school weren't quite up to it. Over nearly two years of tutorials my physics abilities have improved dramatically, enabling me to get an A* in my final exam.

I am now heading off to Cambridge University to study Engineering.

by Will on
Incredible Tutor!
Location: Crowborough, East Sussex

I can’t thank Paul enough for all of his support in the months leading up to my exams. He always came to a session well prepared, starting by troubleshooting any problems I had come across since our last session before going onto a new topic. Paul has an innate ability to simplify any topic and break it down into basic rules to follow so that you can tackle almost any question. His experience as an examiner bring another aspect to the session which you won’t find with many other tutors so he can explain to you exactly how you should answer each type of question and what you should include. He has also created a great platform for the tuition to take place where we can both write and Paul can import questions which which you can still look back over in between sessions.

I retook my physics A level this summer after achieving a C grade last year, and only came across Paul a few months before my exams having tried several other tutors, but none of them were on Paul’s level of teaching. With only a short time with Paul, I managed to achieve an A in my retake to get me into Loughborough to study physics.

Paul is by all means not the cheapest option out there for tuition, but coming from someone who’s tried multiple tutors, I don’t think I could have achieved what I did without his support so it is worth every penny.

Not only is Paul a great tutor, but an all round really nice guy and wants nothing but the best for all of his students. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Paul to anyone looking for physics tuition. Many, many thanks to Paul for being an incredible tutor.

by Max Dyer on
Excellent Tutoring Service!
Location: London

Paul is an outstanding tutor, with a vast range of useful revision tools! He helped me achieve an A* in my physics A level, which I could not have done without him! The online tutorials work very well and the online workspace Paul uses is very easy to understand. Paul gave me exposure to very challenging questions which definitely stimulated a new way of thinking, that I would then go on to use when answering hard exam questions in the future. Paul was also an excellent resource when it came to troubleshooting! There really isn’t anything he can’t answer! I am very appreciative of his well organised lessons, which he clearly plans and puts a lot of effort into week in week out. I will now be going onto study physics and mathematics at university, Cheers Paul!

by Kathryn on
Seriously recommended, achieved an A* !!
Location: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Paul is a fantastic tutor with a serious talent for teaching physics. I still remember the start of my first year in Sixth Form, where I struggled with physics quite badly, and was achieving a range of U's to D's, largely because my foundation in physics had been built quite poorly and I had lost confidence very quickly in the jump from GCSE to A-level. But like many students, the low grades I was achieving were not indicative of my potential.

I decided to try a few lessons with Paul, and quickly became much more comfortable with concepts that I had previously not understood. Even when I struggled to understand a topic in our lesson, Paul would easily give multiple explanations and analogies until one of them worked for me! Not only this, but the digital interface was incredibly useful, I was able to easily click back to previous lessons and to complete the exercises that Paul always provided a plethora of. Paul also has a very proactive and supportive attitude, preparing lessons that were always well planned and troubleshooting even the most difficult questions! His experience as an examiner was also a serious advantage, since I also learnt how to interpret the tricky language that is sometimes used in questions, and I equally learnt what questions came up very often in exams.

I highly recommend starting tutorials with Paul as soon as possible.

Lastly, I give so many thanks to Paul for being a lovely tutor, I really would not have achieved an A* without his academic and moral support - because of this, I will be studying Aerospace Engineering at Nottingham University!!

by Lorraine on
I would use Paul again in a heartbeat!
Location: Bexley, Kent

My daughter started having tutorials with Paul at the start of A levels after her school told us Physics was not their strongest subject! I was unsure about the online format initially but we wanted to give it a go. Izzy thought the format was really helpful, she thought about what she wanted to cover in each session and Paul was always well prepared. Coming up to exams Paul was always flexible answering problems via email and adding in extra tutorials as required. The materials that Paul provided in the tutorials then provided an invaluable revision resource.

Regardless of the outcome on results day, Paul's tuition has been well worth the investment, it has given Izzy the confidence to approach the exams and focussed support to ensure she felt she had covered all the necessary content.

I would recommend starting early and not leaving tutorials until too near exams as Izzy really gained from covering the syllabus as it was taught at school and not just revising, and over the course of the time Paul got a better sense of her strengths and weaknesses. I would use Paul again in a heartbeat.

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