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by Cameron Murphy on
Location: Oxford

I came out of my second year of A Level having felt defeated, with a grade in Physics that I thought under-represented my capabilities. I realised I was going to have to retake this A level if I was going to do myself any justice. In order to maximise my outcome this year I knew I was going to need help in the areas of Physics I struggled with, especially as I no longer had any support from my school. The search for a physics tutor was on! I asked my former maths tutor if she knew anyone that could aid me, and that’s when I met Paul. Paul is not only an EXTREMELY experienced and qualified physics tutor, he’s also a very generous and kind person. The thought of an online tutor at first concerned me (as this was something I had never experienced before). However, after my first few minutes with Paul I quickly realised this wasn’t going to be an issue, and if anything was more efficient and convenient - i.e. only having to walk to my computer desktop for a lesson! My weekly tuitions with Paul felt less like a hardcore lesson in academia (of which I was used to in school), but more like an engaged conversation with a friend. Paul was able to explain and tutor me through topics in Physics like no one else could. His constant positive reinforcement and determination (which I’m sure was shared to his other students) is what helped me achieve an A*, and I couldn’t be more blessed and grateful for Paul’s help.

by Fiona Kyprianou on
An absolute honour and blessing
Location: London

It was an absolute blessing for us to cross paths with Paul and link up towards the end of year 12. At that point my son Jack was struggling with wide ranging inconsistent marks and gaps in his knowledge, but Paul’s weekly tuitions turned things around pretty quickly. Physics is not an easy A level and it was easy to lose confidence, and we had a brand new style A level to contend with as well. Paul not only taught Jack the content he was missing, but improved his approach to learning Physics, taught him to slow down and work through the processes and steps. He took the time to understand how Jack ticks, was a mentor, teacher and friend at all times .
Paul, we cannot thank you enough and his high end grade is testament to your amazing skills, patience and knowledge.
Thank you so much.

by Jack K. on
Excellent physics tutor
Location: London

Paul Cartwright is an excellent tutor. Our sessions were extremely productive, the interface we used for our tuitions was easy to use, very interactive and allowed for detailed real time annotations which was essential to my learning. I was able to practice a plethora of questions, which never would have been accessible to me if I wasn’t under his tutelage.

I am confident that my sessions with Paul contributed to my grade.

by Julia M on
Brilliant tutor
Location: South Wales

Paul helped my daughter through her A level physics and has been a brilliant tutor. He is very good at explaining difficult concepts and is highly knowledgeable of all areas of physics, and of the details of the various exam specifications. By making extensive use of exam questions as a teaching tool he rapidly assesses understanding of a given topic, and addresses any areas of difficulty. Tutorials are therefore individually tailored. He has a relaxed and easy going style and so easily builds rapport, while at the same time challenging the student to reach their potential. In my daughter's case, he was also very understanding of the difficulties caused by a significant health condition. I would highly recommend him.

by Josh B on
Amazing Tutor

Paul is a great tutor who explains topics very clearly and thoroughly. He was able to help me massively in achieving an A* in Physics A level by taking time to go through harder topics and through tackling loads of exam-style questions online together. I would highly recommend!

by Katharine Perry on
Really helpful
Location: Essex

Paul worked with my son in his final A level year and really helped him with different aspects of his physics. It was great that Paul could work his timetable around ours, and fit in sessions when they worked best. It was very comforting to have that extra support, and time to go through some topics that were harder to understand and make sense of them. Going through questions together online was a real bonus. Our son is now off to uni to study engineering with his physics A level success! Thanks Paul!

by Ella Palethorpe on
Amazing tutor!

Paul is really kind and funny, he makes you feel at ease and comfortable when teaching. He really helped me to understand physics and build my confidence with exam questions. Excellent tutor, would really recommend him to anyone!

by Sam Brown on
Very Helpful !
Location: Wokingham

After losing motivation and panicking due to the difficulty of the transition between GCSEs and A levels, Paul has helped me rebuild my confidence in answering physics questions and helped me perform the best I could. Watching him work through the questions which we had both not seen before was really insightful as it provided a clear strategy when attempting to answer them.

by Bita Farzad on
Paul has no physical boundaries
Location: UK

I found Paul when I was looking for tutor for my son to help him retake his A-level modules. He immediately bonded with Paul and the results spoke for themselves... Full marks on one module and strong Bs in the other two which got him in to the uni he wanted too. We were over the moon. But it didn't end there!!! Paul came to our rescue when our daughter moved to Sweden to pursue dentistry after 2 years of rejection in UK. Doing A-level physics in a completely new language was a tall order... But with Paul's help she did it and last week we had the wonderful news of her getting into the prestigious Karolinska Institue (world's first university for dentistry).
We are so grateful for everything Paul has done for our children. To look forward to tuition lessons in physics is a rare thing, BUT Paul makes that possible.

by Neggi K. on
Highly recommended!
Location: Sweden

Having moved to Sweden, I had to do a physics qualification in order to apply to dentistry here. Paul was already somewhat ‘famous’ in our household for having guided guided my younger brother, extremely successfully, through A level physics so I didn’t hesitate to contact him.

Although the Swedish physics course differs to the English, Paul took me through each concept thoroughly and ensured my knowledge could be applied to his vast array of questions. He was not intimidated by a different syllabus and my confidence built with every lesson.

Paul was always accommodating with times and never hesitated to help outside of ‘planned lesson time’ whether that was via email or a quick Skype call to ensure I’ve understood; a token to his friendly and committed personality! Paul’s teaching experience, his access to an infinite amount of exam-style questions, and his personable nature stands anybody in great stead to attain the grade they need.

In brief, I highly recommend Paul to any of you who need that extra support.

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