Physics Tutor

Physics tuition from a qualified and experienced teacher

One-to-one A level physics tuition online for students throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide!

Online physics tutorials – Paul Cartwright:

  • Experienced, qualified teacher
  • Physics specialist
  • A level physics examiner
  • Location no obstacle!
  • Friendly, patient and professional
  • Effective and cost-effective

I am now fully booked with students up to July 2024.
While you are still welcome to contact me, I regret that due to the intensity of my schedule I may be unable to respond to all enquiries.

If you think you might benefit from a bit of extra support in your physics A or AS level, from a professionally qualified and experienced physics teacher, then I can help you.

With today’s technology, online tuition is the intelligent choice, offering all the advantages of traditional tutorials and much more!

Using an effective combination of web-based collaborative-working tools, I can talk to students face-to-face via video link and share my screen; my students and I can share documents and communicate – drawing, writing and talking together as effectively as if in the same room!

You can even have a FREE short practice session with me to try it out before commencing with any paid tutorials!

To get in touch, please click to go to my ‘Contact’ page.


As a qualified and experienced teacher and tutor, I can teach students what they need to know for their A level in physics.


I can help prepare students for exams, helping them to achieve results that give the best reflection of their ability and hard work.


One-to-one physics tuition can boost students’ confidence, helping them get more enjoyment from the subject and motivating them to do well.

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